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1200V, 200A

CM200DY-24A Description

is a power module designed for use in high power switching applications. It consists of two insulated-gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs) and a diode in a half-bridge configuration. The module has a maximum voltage rating of 1200 volts and a maximum current rating of 200 amps. The IGBTs in the CM200DY-24A are designed to handle high current and high voltage loads, making it suitable for use in applications such as motor drives, power inverters, and welding equipment. The diode is designed to provide efficient and reliable rectification of AC to DC voltage. The module features an industry-standard package and is designed for easy installation and maintenance. It has a compact design and low thermal resistance, which allows for efficient heat dissipation and helps to prolong the lifespan of the module. Overall, the CM200DY-24A is a reliable and efficient power module that is suitable for use in a variety of high-power switching applications. It provides high performance and high reliability in a compact package, making it an ideal choice for many industrial and commercial applications.

Summerry of Features

CM200DY-24A is a(n) 1200V, 200A IGBT Modules. .

Target Applications

CM200DY-24A is used for AC drive inverters & Servo controls, etc

Download CM200DY-24A Datasheet

Download CM200DY-24A Datasheet

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