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VI-HAM-EM is a universal AC input PFC front-end Harmonic Attenuator Module that has been optimized for use with Vicor’s V375 series of DC-DC converters. Its length, width and height are 116.90 mm, 61.0 mm and 12.7 mm respectively. It may be used with any combination of V375 series DC-DC converters which are available in Micro, Mini and Maxi packages with up to 600 Watts of output power. The combination of the high-boost VI-HAM-EM with V375 DC-DC converters results in a power conversion system with twice the power density, fewer components and lower cost compared to previous HAM-based solutions. In addition, the VI-HAM-EM is fully compatible with Vicor’s VI-26x and VI-J6x series DC-DC converters. This gives designers the freedom to choose from the industry’s broadest selection of DC-DC converters with outputs from 2 to 95VDC, 50 – 600 Watts. The user need only provide external hold-up capacitors, a few discrete components, and a line flter (available from Vicor).